Hello and welcome to Sprav Water!

Thank you so much for stopping by the site! If you are new to Sprav Water, the one thing you should know about us is that we are obsessed with creating scratch cooking recipes that you will love.

Recipes that work

There are two things we think about when deciding if a recipe is good enough to go on the site.

First, does it work? Does the dish make us smile inside and out? Do we want to eat the whole batch by ourselves? 

Second, if the dish tastes great, is it worth the effort? Do we want to make it again (and again and again)?

This is what we strive for—recipes you can rely on to work every time and be worth your time, effort, and $$ to make!

Our goal is to encourage people to cook at home, and to make the process of feeding your family and loved ones less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Our recipes are all tested in our own home kitchens, usually several times.

Recipe testing

Since we are developing recipes in our home kitchens, all of our recipes are made with the home cook in mind. We want you to love our recipes as much as we do!

Since not every home kitchen is set up the same way, as of early 2015, we now do an extra round of recipe testing with a team of recipe testers who work from their home kitchens. They make and give feedback on each new recipe that goes up on Sprav Water, making sure it’s perfect before it goes out the door.

Please try the recipes, and if you have a question or constructive feedback, let us know about it in the comments to the recipe.

About comments

Comments are open on the most recent recipes and posts. When leaving comments, we ask that you think of this website as our home. Please don’t say anything on this site that you wouldn’t, as an invited guest, say in someone’s home. Constructive criticism is welcome, as we all benefit from such advice.

Questions are also welcome; we will attempt to answer them in a timely manner. Before you ask a question, please check to see if your question has already been addressed in either the recipe introduction or comments other people have made.

Rude, mean, or obnoxious comments are not welcome and will not be approved to post (we will gently escort a misbehaving guest out of the house). Overly self-promotional or spammy comments will also not be approved to post. Please restrict your comments to the topic at hand, for the benefit of all who may be reading.